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How it Works

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Store or Apple Store and create an account

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Simplifying Cooking
Gas Distribution Starting from

Building the services and financial infrastructure for Africa’s.
energy transition.


We enable retailers to access clean cooking gas at
best prices and have it delivered to them within hours,
and use our marketplace to sell to their customers..
Retailers can also access microloans to purchase

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Micro Restaurants

We empower micro restaurants with quick deliveries
of clean cooking gas by connecting them to retailers
closest to them.

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Our logistics management platforms allows you
manage your fleet, orders and payments in real time.

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Bulk Gas Plants

GAS360 empowers bulk cooking gas storage
businesses to keep track of their customers, orders,
payments and inventory management in real time.

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The GAS360 Vision

Using cooking gas as a transitional
fuel to a future powered by renewable
energy in Africa by 2040.


Coming Soon

IoT Pay-As-You-Use Smart Meters

Our IoT smart meters enables you to know how
much cooking gas you consume and pay as
you use.

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Carbon Credit as a Service

Users earn carbon coins when they replace
dirty solid fuels like firewood and charcoal with
cooking gas.

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Macro Restaurants

GAS360 empowers macro restaurants to
seamlessly manage cooking gas supplies to
multiple outlets on one platform.

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Household Users

Sit back relax and get clean cooking gas
delivered to you at the click of a button.

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